Casey is an ambitious rider known for his positive attitude and love for the sport of scooter riding. He is 13 years old and from Yuba City, CA. He always rides at the best of his ability and pushes himself to the limits. He has a unique style and is always combining tricks.  Casey was our third addition to the team, and we are glad to have him representing The Ride!

Instagram: @Casey.mann      YouTube: Casey Mann


How's everything going my name is Edgar Guboglo I'm 23 years old and I'm from Sacramento California! Also known as the beautiful city of trees. I've been on a scooter for about 5 years and active in the Sacramento scooter scene for about 4 years. Scootering to me is an expression of emotion, preference, and most importantly you're personal outlook to what you think is legit and different from everyone else! Creativity, style, and making an obstacle that shouldn't be riden and turning it into your own expression of art is what I live for in scootering!!! Its the love for the sport is what keeps me rolling until I can't walk anymore!

Instagram: edgar_guboglo

Ethan aka Fic 
My name is Ethan Fichtner, (or "Fic" for short), I am 15 years of age and I have been scootering for 3 and a half years. I moved to Sacramento about a year ago and have been adopted into the scootering scene down here. I go to school at Pleasant Grove high school and I can happily say that I have converted four of my skater friends to scootering. I have been around all aspects of scootering and I have found that street riding in my favorite. I like riding street because there is endless possibilities when riding around a city. The fact that you can make a spot with your own hands, and a little concrete, or ride a famous ledge, motivates me to keep riding street. I prefer to film Instagram clips at a skatepark, but when I ride street, I grind out some clips for a full length video on YouTube (@CoterieCrew). While being at a skatepark I am constantly being asked where I get all of my parts, and I proudly tell them to go to the Ride for a hookup on their first scooter. Rain or shine, I always hit a skatepark twice a weekend spreading the word about The Ride to my friends, new riders, parents, and family. I plan on continuing my partnership with The Ride and maybe some other great company's along with them! 

Instagram: @ethanfic     YouTube: CoterieCrew


Hello my name is Kevin Cendro. I'm a 17 year old scooter rider and musician. Riding is a big part of my life, I try to get out for at least an hour every day and I spend most of my weekends hopping between all of my city's skateparks. I like to do more than just ride though, I constantly find myself teaching younger kids how to do new tricks or helping fix their scooters. I get calls from parents all the time telling me their kids want to come ride with me, it's an awesome feeling to be looked up to like that. I love riding scooters and being able to inspire the younger kids around me is so much fun. 
If I had to describe my style for riding, I'd say that I'm somewhere in between park and street. My friends and I spend a lot of time riding around find street spots and I love the style that we all ride with, but I also always find myself returning back to my park tricks, bri flips, inwards etc. 
Outside of scootering I'm a musician at heart. I've been playing jazz, rock, metal, blues and classical on bass guitar, upright bass and trombone for seven years. When I go to college next year I will actually be majoring in it. Along with my music, I pride myself in being a leader. Leadership is very important to me. If I'm not following down my own path and being myself then I'm doing something wrong. This mentality has kept me away from drugs, alcohol and pretty much anything else that fits into those categories. So basically, I love riding scooters, making music and inspiring those around me. And that's a summary of who I am.

Instagram: @KevinCendro


Bio Coming Soon 

Instagram:  @​jackcrandall_169    YouTube: Jack Crandall

Jamison aka lilpupp

My name is Jamison aka lilpupp and I am 11 years old soon to be 12 I have been officially riding since may of 2016 and i am thankful to say that I love the sport and all my friends that do it also. My favorite scooter company is PROTO and HELLA GRIP. 

Instagram:  @lilpupp220

Joey aka Gato
It started with a cheesy Razor scooter infomercial featuring a guy doing a Tailwhip. By 2002 I found a scooter and started riding a lot. What I like most about scootering is the opportunity to create. The possibilities for tricks, lines, and videos are endless. It's great fun, good exercise, and I enjoy the challenge. Scootering reminds me that hard work pays off. 

Instagram:  @joeyariascoots     YouTube:  Joey Aria


I'm always pushing myself to learn new things when I ride. When I ride, I love to focus on different things and mix it up a lot. Anybody I ride with, I like to push them to try new things and just have a good sesh. Its always fun to push yourself, and try new things. Ive been in the game for a very long time and Im happy to be sponsored by the ride. Sean and the team are the realist !

Instagram: @ralphe___

Sal AKA Salamander 

Salvador Gardea IV AKA Salamander is a solid rider who is always determined to land his tricks. He's been riding for 2 years and has been riding for The Ride for the past 4 months. He was the first rider to ride for us and has been shredding ever since. He started scootering from him riding a skateboard and seeing other kids ride scooters and then asked his mom to buy one and it all went up hill from their. His favorite trick is a backflip because he loves the feeling of when you land it and get super hyped. His (Golz) are to get sponsored by a big company and be known around the world. Sal has been very helpful around the shop and comes in and helps when ever we need it. 

Instagram: @Salvador_Gardea

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