Bikes, Scooters, Longboards​ & More

   River Park - East Sacramento, CA 

Here is their story: 
Sean & Em had been going through a period of tough times. When Em was forced into an early retirement at 34 years old they decided to turn their hobby into a Business.  The idea was to open a used and custom bike shop to help make the world a better place by bringing the joy of riding bicycles to everyone, encouraging alternative transportation and reducing waste. After  working for giant corporations, it was time to give back and get back to community. The dream is to build the ultimate UpCycle & Human Powered Lifestyle brand.

They started based out of their garage building,restoring, and customizing unwanted bikes,  trying to make the world a better place one bike at a time.  Then Em started creating custom saddles which naturally progressed into bike/hip bags. After Being featured at several makers fairs and on the local Morning Show a few times they had outgrown the 400 sq ft garage. They set out to find the perfect retail location near downtown Sacramento. Not only did they find a location, they also found an amazing community in East Sacramento's River Park Neighborhood. This is when they decided to expand their horizons, and to bring back the feeling of the bike and skate shops of the 80s and 90s.

Knowing that the rebuilding and restoring of old bikes was too time consuming to make it feasible in a brick and mortar store, they knew they would have to break down and offer new products as well.  Next stop… Las Vegas, to the Interbike convention.  They spent the week seeking out like minded individuals and products that were in line with their core beliefs.  It was tireless work with hundreds of companies to sift through before they found the ones that would be featured at The Ride.  They met some amazing people along the way, which led them to some amazing companies, and eventually, to amazing products, products that they could believe in.  From bicycle wash and lube products with a grape seed oil base, to balance bikes made from 75% post consumer recycled carpet, whatever they picked out had to be unique and responsible.  They spent their time actively seeking out environmentally friendly products and items of a high quality that are original and come from a company that deserves our support.  When we present an item to our client, we do it with a lot of pride.

About the Owners: 

Em has always been a rider. Her parents are both avid riders as well and her grandfather was riding up until he broke his hip, falling off his bike, at 94 years old.  Em’s work background is mostly filled with some geeky techy stuff, but she is actually a passionate artist and even moved to Florence, Italy for college to study art. Being brought up in a "Tree Hugger" family she has always wanted to have business that could help make the world a better place.  She started with making a custom seat for a custom bike Sean had built, then came the Bike/Hip bags, and  before she knew it she had custom orders left and right. With the opening of the shop, which has a sewing room, she has come up with many more new upcycled outdoor accessories.  Additionally with the opening of the shop she would be able to share her other passion… PRO SCOOTERS. Em started riding a Pro Scooter 4 years ago and has never stopped.

Sean was first introduced to mountain biking in Jr. High and quickly it consumed him. Every weekend was filled with campouts, bike rides, and/or trail work, rain or shine. He has ridden many of the greatest trails that the Western US has to offer. Over the last 4 years Sean has rekindled his love for bicycles, and he began to really get into the fixing and selling of bikes. He is also a passionate artist and considers each of his custom UpCycles a piece of art and an expression of himself. He finds it very rewarding to create awesome, one of a kind bikes made from what someone once considered trash.  The most joy comes from seeing the smile on a client’s face when they receive a bike that he’s built and knowing that it’s the only one like it in the world.

​The Ride by Golz Upcycles is the dream come true

for Sean Golz and Em Beutler.